Safe Solutions for Frantic Families

Customer review from: Safe Solutions for Frantic Families

“In what may possibly be the greatest head lice movie ever made, poor Janice comes home with mom’s worst nightmare: a head full of nits. After initially entering a state of middle-class denial (“people in our family don’t itch”), Mom (Paul Wagner, who plays all of the adult roles) gets on the phone with the school nurse And learns the straight skinny on head lice. Combining humorous animation with solid health information and a five step battle plan, which includes the use of a pediculicide (not for the very young), an olive oil treatment (asphyxiate the buggers), cleaning of the home environment, nit combing, and a monitoring program, Head Lice to Dead Lice is a funny, but delicately handled, look at a potentially embarrassing but common health problem. Highly recommended. -R. Pitman — Video Librarian, The Video Review Guide for Libraries Volume 12, November – December 1997


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Best Yet Head Lice & Nits Removal Solution

Description of the Product

  • Formulated from Texas Red Cedar Oil and Silane Fluids (melted quartz rock).
  • Contact with this dynamic solution will kill the Louse instantly.
  • Immediate absorption of BEST YET by the hair will dissolve the louse nit glue from the inside of the hair structure resulting in a rapid release and demise of the nit.
  • BEST YET will not burn the scalp or damage the hair such as that experienced with chemical or other natural products. The Silane fluids used in the formulation will stimulate the hair condition and leave an attractive luster that creates a pleasant cedar aroma. Safe for children and adults of all ages.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Liberally spray and soak hair with BEST YET solution. Place a non porous shower or swim cap on infested head for a minimum of 2 hours. Overnight or longer periods of time will enhance results. Remove cap and shampoo hair. Use a nit comb to remove, if any, the remaining attached nits. Additional spray treatment with BEST YET for several days will stimulate and enhance the hair condition and eliminate any lice re-occurrence. Avoid contact with eyes.


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Healthpol Delacet Head Lice Solution

Description of the Product
Many people are disillusioned with chemical head lice treatments as they contain pesticides and don’t really seem to be very effective. More and more parents are looking at alternative, more natural ways of protecting their children from head lice and nits. DELACET Herbal Head Lice Solution is safe, easy to use and extremely effective for the whole family and all hair types. This outstanding hair and scalp cleanser is a repellent for head lice and nits and has been used by millions of people over the last 40 years. It is a unique dual action flower extract known for its outstanding properties. Laboratory trials have proven its extraordinary effectiveness after just one application. DELACET is not a shampoo and is very different from many products available on the market.
It is prepared from the best quality organically grown native European plants, does not contain any harmful chemicals and is free from pesticides, artificial preservatives, additives and colours (no parabens, no enzymes, no harsh surfactants or solvents). It can be kept for up to 3 years, even after opening. DELACET does not require detection or prolonged combing – easy wash out protective formula (no combing, no pain and no tears!). It is suitable for all hair types including permed, coloured, Afro hair and dreadlocks (due to its “watery” consistency it is very easy to apply even on thick hair). DELACET is quck, simple and safe to use by the whole family and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children over 1 year. Suitable for vegans. Not tested on animals.
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