Licefreee Single Dose Instant Head Lice Treatment

Licefreee! provides effective treatment and is completely non-toxic to humans, though its deadly to lice. Since its launch over 10 years ago, Licefreee! has become America’s #1 non-toxic brand chosen for head lice treatment. Licefreee! Non-toxic Lice Killing Hair Gel uses naturally occurring ingredients to kill lice and their eggs. The formula is free of pyrethrum and permethrin and comes with a professional stainless steel comb for easy nit removal. Licefreee! Leaves no harmful pesticide residue on the hair or scalp and is safe for multiple applications. Available in a Single Dose 4oz Gel, Double Dose 8oz Gel, and a 6oz Spray! Each comb with a metal comb.

  • Licefreee! Is Americas number 1 Non-toxic head lice treatment
  • Fast and easy spray on application starts working on contact and is 100% effective in killing lice and eggs
  • Environmentally safe and homeopathic
  • Patented metal comb included for eliminating dead lice and nits


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