LiceMD Lice and Egg Treatment


Description of the Product

Regain Control of Your Household

Head lice infest 6 – 12 million people per year. This is the second most common condition in children behind the cold. These breakouts can easily find their way into your home and require elimination to ensure no re-infestation. LiceMD eliminates lice in a way that is both effective and safe.

Pesticide-Free Formula

Unlike other lice treatment formulas, LiceMD does not use pesticides and it does not contain toxic chemicals to eliminate lice. Head lice are building a tolerance to pesticide-based formulas. LiceMD is a pesticide-free product, which means head lice will not build up a resistance. LiceMD will continue to eliminate pesticide-resistant head lice. LiceMD can be re-applied if needed, and allows you to treat your child’s lice when lice outbreaks occur at school.

Pediatrician Tested and contains 100 Percent Effective Comb*

LiceMD has been tested by pediatricians. LiceMD eliminates lice from all hair lengths — short, medium, or long.

Conditioners and Comb Let You Care for Your Hair

In addition to its ability to eliminate lice, LiceMD will also condition your hair. The included comb has been shown to help with eliminating head lice from your child’s hair.*

What’s in the Box

LiceMD Head Lice Treatment (4 Ounces).

*The LiceMD comb has been shown to be 100% effective in egg removal in laboratory testing.

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