Lice Shield Leave In Spray


Description of the Product

If you’re worried of the very thought of getting head lice, Lice Shield Leave In Spray is just the ideal solution to iron out your worries. This super cool spray helps to repel lice from attacking your hair and also conditions it from future damage. Natural ingredients of this spray just acts tough on lice without whipping scalp or hair while keeping the shine of hair intact.

  • Unique formula to repel lice
  • Conditions and detangles the hair
  • Contains natural essential oils

To treat head lice, prevention is the great way. So, say yes to Leave In Spray for healthy hair and scalp.
Just For You: All types of hair and those who want to prevent head lice

A Closer Look: This absolutely amazing anti-lice spray contains essential natural oils of eucalyptus, citronella, rosemary, and lemongrass meant to shield your ha from lice attack without hurting scalp or hair. This tangle-free, lightly scented formula helps in conditioning the hair, reveling clean, beautiful and nourished hair.

Get Started: Just spray generously onto washed and dried hair. Then Lice Shield leave it for drying. Also use on hats, scarves and helmets to prevent lice from entering hair. For great result use it daily.


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