Safe Solutions for Frantic Families

Customer review from: Safe Solutions for Frantic Families

“In what may possibly be the greatest head lice movie ever made, poor Janice comes home with mom’s worst nightmare: a head full of nits. After initially entering a state of middle-class denial (“people in our family don’t itch”), Mom (Paul Wagner, who plays all of the adult roles) gets on the phone with the school nurse And learns the straight skinny on head lice. Combining humorous animation with solid health information and a five step battle plan, which includes the use of a pediculicide (not for the very young), an olive oil treatment (asphyxiate the buggers), cleaning of the home environment, nit combing, and a monitoring program, Head Lice to Dead Lice is a funny, but delicately handled, look at a potentially embarrassing but common health problem. Highly recommended. -R. Pitman — Video Librarian, The Video Review Guide for Libraries Volume 12, November – December 1997


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